The standard for Maltese is 4-7 pounds. They are a toy
size breed. There is no such thing as a teacup. Teacup is
a word used by some breeders to sell their dogs. Be
careful when buying a under size puppy,  make sure it is
sound and healthy. Maltese is small size breed. If one is
being considered for a family pet with children I always
recommend going for a larger size. I usually don't
recommend a Maltese for children under five.
Click here to see a fun video with
some of our puppies.
This Growth
chart at right
can help
determine the
adult size by
weight of the
puppy at
weeks.  I
usually like to
do a weight at
6, 8 and 10
weeks and do a
What does it mean for a
dog/puppy to be papered or
registered. Great Link with
some answers!
Be sure and check back about  
upcoming litters
Video about
CLICK to see a video from a earlier litter.
Call or email for pricing. Most puppies are spoken for by those on my waiting list. Find out how
to be added to my list. List is being updated. If you are waiting please contact again so I know
you are still interested. I have a puppy that has kisses for you. I am located in the central part
of Utah.
Born October 1 2018. Will be ready for their new homes in December.
Boy on left and female on right.
Mother on left and Father above.
Prices are not set on
these puppies yet.
Pictured here at
almost 6 weeks.